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Kitchen Design Concepts - Cool and Relaxing

Kitchen area designs vary from nation to nation - so why not incorporate some global kitchen area design ideas into your home.

The weather has a significant influence en route we live. Homes in environments that are regularly hot are constructed in an entirely different way to those that have to withstand dramatic changes from one period to another.

In a country where for many of the year food is prepared on an outside barbecue and meals are eaten al fresco the cooking area design may reflect this way of living. It might be that making sure that you have good ventilation to preserve a cool environment inside becomes your main issue, and naturally effective refrigeration will certainly be crucial if perishable foods are to be saved securely. Choosing light-weight furniture that can easily be moved into the yard, or onto the patio area, verandah or terrace is another practical element to think about; it is typically made of woven walking cane or pale lumber.

If it is continuously hot outside, you might like to develop a kitchen that will also be visually cool - by developing a pale, comforting color pattern. Use flat matt shades of grey and blue with pale painted walls and attempt to avoid complex patterns that would disturb the sense of calm. It deserves remembering, however, that these ornamental schemes require lots of bright clear light, or their coolness tends to become medical and unwelcoming.

The enduring appeal of the white villages of rural southern Spain, Provence and Tuscany is due in part to the other colors - drawn from the surrounding countryside - that are combined with that white. These baked terracotta, natural sandstone and dirty pink tones likewise provide warmth in the winters, which are frequently harshly cold. Of course you can glean inspiration and decorative concepts from holidays abroad, but to deliver the design of one country to another might be completely devastating: colors that look marvelous in sunlight can feel overbearing unless you can recreate a similar light, by synthetic or natural ways.

Thick wooden shutters on the windows, or canvas canopies, function not only to supply shade in summertime but defense from freezing winds too. Stone or tiled floors are nicely cool in the summer and may be warmed up by mats or rugs if necessary And you may have a door opening directly from the kitchen area onto the yard that can be left open completely when the weather condition is fine to enable a cooling breeze to revitalize the kitchen. However cool breezes become icy draughts in winter season so this will probably need weatherproofing - with a warm and vibrant drape perhaps. And flexible however reliable heating that can respond rapidly to modifications in the weather condition is a modern benefit that almost everyone would consider essential.

It is clearly sensible to await a year before you make any significant design decisions, unless you are truly positive that you can expect any seasonal weather condition modifications. Genuine design is absolutely more than surface area deep.

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